The Ultimate Finger & Toe Protection

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Finger & Toe Guard

 What Have Wonder Guards Been Used For?

  • Band-Aid Accessory- keep band-aids and other bandages securely one your fingers and toes while working outdoors, playing sports and swimming or just cover it up with your favorite color guard
  • Calluses - keep fingers and toes from forming calluses from constant rubbing from shoes and other callus causing elements
  • Blisters - from repetitive use of a hand held items or from rubbing of shoes, heels, boots on toes or objects that cause friction and blisters to fingers
  • Running - give toes protection from rubbing and extra cushion for each step
  • Yard Work - even with gloves blister can form from using rakes, shovels, clippers and other yard work equipment and can help protect problem areas from rubbing and friction
  • Writing - cushion finger during writing with a pen or pencil
  • Typing - cushion sore or cut finger tips while typing on a computer
  • Golf - protect fingers from soreness and blister from swinging the golf club
  • Disc Golf - pad and protect throwing fingers from rubbing and blisters 
  • Arthritis - pressure helps relieve arthritis pain and keeps joints warmer
  • Bunions - protects bunions from shoe pressure and adds comfort
  • Separate Toes – keep problem toes separated and provide cushion between them
  • Volleyball - finger protection and cushioning for playing Volleyball
  • Half Glove - alternative to gloves when the finger tips need exposure for feeling
  • Archery - cushion and protect fingers for archery from bow string
  • Corns - cover and protect corns
  • Ingrown Nails - relieve and comfort ingrown finger and toe nails
  • Wound Protection - give wounds extra protection from debris and extra padding for comfort
  • Warts - keep wart treatment patches securely on fingers and toes
  • Dancing/Ballet - give toes extra comfort and protection from shoes or dance floor 
  • Cycling - protect fingers during cycling from handlebar rubbing
  • Football – gives finger extra padding and protection during tackles
  • Video Games - protect fingers from constant friction and bone pressure from the controller
  • Baseball – protect and pad fingers inside a baseball glove from hard throws or batting
  • Construction – help protect and pad fingers while using hand held tools and machinery
  • Tennis – prevent finger rubbing and discomfort from the tennis racquet
  • Heavy Bags - use the guard to cushion and protect fingers from bag straps, such as carrying grocery bags
  • Weight Lifting – give fingers extra padding and prevent friction from barbells and weight lifting machines
  • Basketball – protect sore fingers or wounds without loosing feeling in the fingertips for full control of the basketball
  • Skiing - pad toes inside the boot to keep blisters from forming  
  • Shooting - cushion and comfort trigger finger during extended periods of shooting  
  • Bowling - to cushion and protect fingers inside the bowling ball finger holes
  • Knitting - cushion and comfort fingers from the needles  


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